Welcome to ALFsource

During the average day in Assisted Living, community management is faced with numerous challenges to resolve before they have a chance to interact with the residents and their families. With compliance and training regulations becoming more stringent, employee issues and regulations growing, and competition for residents rising steadily, the need to operate communities that cost effectively meet these challenges and deliver superior results has never been more important.
ALFsource is the first solution that combines employee administration and management support programs designed for ALF to help our clients minimize employment and compliance risk, maximize the results they receive from their community management teams, and drive more predictable cash flow returns to their bottom line. Whether you are a single owner operated community, a management company with multiple community management contracts, or a developer in growth mode, we can draw upon our suite of solutions to simplify your operations while you focus on driving census and improving resident care.  We allow your community management to focus less on the non resident related problems that exist in an assisted living community to ensure that you’ve created a feeling of warmth and that your internal culture successfully drives sales.

ALFsource can help you achieve these outcomes by:

  • Providing Employee Administration and Management Support designed specifically for the needs of ALF
  • Providing CORE trained professionals to work directly with your community on HR, employee training, compliance consulting and recruiting initiatives
  • Reducing the effects of turnover, simplifying regulatory compliance, and allowing you to focus on resident care and census
  • Simplifying payroll, HR and benefit administration through best in market technology and string customer service
  • Conducting cogent background screens, in-services and certification tracking, operational improvement, and compliance diagnostics
  • Rolling all of these services into a simple monthly fee