“I highly recommend the this team as both experts in the field of staffing and gifted with the strong interpersonal skills necessary to build a strong team in each assisted living community we manage. They have transformed the way our company recruits, staffs, and operates, making us far more efficient and effective for the current Senior Housing environment. They have an incredible combination of experience, critical thinking skills and personality. These traits position them to lead at the highest levels of HR while representing the overall needs and interests from our lenders to the most entry level employee of the variety of Senior Housing project we both develop and manage.”

President, Senior Care Management Company

“Working as an Executive Director for more than 10 years, dealing with the everyday challenges of Senior Care, I understand that even in a stabilized community the workload can be overwhelming. The daunting task of opening a new community can be an even greater challenge. I have experienced both. Dealing with the ever-changing state regulations, maintenance-challenged properties, and staff can all lead to overworked and overwhelmed staff. When presented with the opportunity to work with ALFSOURCE, the concept was innovative, but of course there were budget considerations. In the Assisted Living Industry we can sometimes be penny wise and pound-foolish.

I was fortunate enough to work for companies that had the vision to see the great benefits ALFSOURCE brought to the success of their business. ALFSource made our recruiting process seamless and effective. Our payroll and HR administration almost errorless, and we also were assigned an account manager who was always available, ready to listen and more importantly understood the world of assisted living.  

ALFSOURCE allowed the department heads to concentrate on what was important — the residents and the daily operations. ALFSOURCE scheduled and implemented the monthly in-service training session needed by all staff to ensure compliance with state regulations and informed us of expiration dates in advance.  ALFSOURCE added a level of support to the executive director and department heads, giving them the peace of mind needed to be more effective in their demanding roles.  They truly understood our needs and the outcomes we expected and I would recommend ALFSOURCE to existing communities and startups.”

Executive Director – Assisted Living Facility