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November 2014 – New Eeoc Guidance On Pregnancy In The Workplace / Affordable Care Act (ACA) Update / Benefits Of A Time And Attendance System / Gone Viral / Blog Corner: Don’t Text And Drive

September 2014 – National Dementia Action Alliance Created to Champion Person-Centered Dementia Care By Kim McRae – Family Caregiver Turned Advocate / All Clients Must Offer Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) To Eligible Employees / Time Off to Vote / Upcoming July Events / Social Media: Mistakes That Are Often Repeated / Free September Webinars / Blog Corner: Drink Water!

July 2014 – Consumers And Person-centered Care / Harassment And Sexual Harassment In The Workplace / Social Media And Small Business / Healthcare Premium And IRS Section 125 / Upcoming July Events / For Our Clients – Payroll Corner / Blog Corner: Minimize Negativity In Your Community

December 2013 – New HIPPA Rules Are Assisted Living Game Changer / The New Four Point HR/ALFsource Separation Form / Avoid Stress During The Holidays / Establish Functioning Teams In Five Steps / Blog Corner: Holiday Safety Tips / Free Webinar: Year End Recognition

September 2013 – Have You Considered Group Interviews / The Stay Interview / Return To Work Program / New Simplified Home Office Deduction / Employer Healthcare Delay For Exchanges / The Importance Of Meeting Deadlines And Providing Accurate Documentation / Upcoming September Events – Free Webinars / Blog Corner: Get Your Team To Work On Time!

August 2013 – What The Boomers Are Looking For In Assisted Living Services / Exchanges Delayed – Lower Than Expected Premiums / Back To School Driving Safety / Plain Language And Writing – Part 2 / Payroll Record Keeping / Communicating And Following Your Corrective Action Policy / Upcoming August Event – Free Webinar / Blog Corner: Repair A Fractured Work Relationship

June 2013 – Compliance – A Primer / Five Overtime Mistakes That Could Cost You / Problem Employees? Take Another Look At Corrective Action / Hiring Young Workers For Summer Jobs / Key Issues To Watch – Health Insurance Exchanges / Upcoming Events – Free Webinars / Blog Corner – Team Building Activities That Won’t Make Your Staff Cringe

April 2013 – How Should I Handle An Employee Complaint? / Hold A Safety Contest / AHCA Update / Foot Safety / Health Insurance Exchanges – What Is The Latest / Upcoming Events / Blog Corner: Be An Extraordinary Boss

February 2013 – Avoid Management Mistakes / Better Brainstorming / Policies And Procedures That Work For Your Community/ Tax Changes For 2013: A Checklist / Events/ BLOG SPOT: Dealing With Anxiety

January 2013 – Minimum Wage Updates / E-Verify Is Coming / Dealing With Resident & Family Complaints / AHCA UPDATE: Background Screening Clearinghouse / Nurse Burnout Increases Infection Rate / Events: FREE Webinar Sponsored by ALFsource – I-9, DACA & E-Verify Update / BLOG SPOT: FALA Membership

December 2012 – Holiday Season Safety In Your Community / Year End Checklist / Did You Move This Year? 10 Helpful Tax Tips / AHCA Update / Fala Plans Aggressive Grassroots Effort / Do You Get Stressed During The Holidays?

November 2012 – The Power Of Listening To Both Sides
Say It How You’d Like To Hear It / Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) / AHCA Update / Events / BLOG SPOT: Stress Makes Us Burn Fewer Calories

October 2012 – Medicare is a Big Concern for the 2012 Election / What is the FUTA Credit Reduction / Coaching Employees to Success / Events / BLOG SPOT: Phase II of the Assisted Living Facility (ALF) Governor’s Workgroup

September 2012 – Understanding Unemployment Insurance / Five Strategies for More Effective Interviews / What to Expect When You Are Interviewing / Events / BLOG SPOT: You Made A Mistake – Now What?

August 2012 – What Your Employees are Afraid to Tell You / Crisis Communication / How Drug Testing Your Employees May Help Your Community / Managing the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) / Nurse Burnout Increases Infection Rate / BLOG SPOT: August 21st to 24th Annual FALA Conference

July 2012 – Attract Baby Boomers With Your Community’s Website / Workers’ Comp Claims Heat Up In The Summer / Affordable Care Act Benefit Provisions / AHCA Update / BLOG SPOT: August 21st to 24th Annual FALA Conference

June 2012 – Body Language in The Workplace / Keeping Your Cool in The Heat / Create a Healthy Workplace / Avoid Management Mistakes / OSHA Announces New National Emphasis Program for Nursing and Residential Care Facilities / BLOG SPOT: June 14th – 21st is National Nursing Assistants Week

May 2012 – Importance of Dress and Appearance Policies / Start with Defined Job Descriptions / Corrective Action And Separation Policies / Can You Avoid Hiring Troublemakers? / ALFA Update / BLOG SPOT: Time Management

April 2012 – Caring for Internal Customers / Benefits at Little or No Cost / Timesheets: Are They Really Necessary? / Keep Information Secure / ALFA Update: New Rule Would Increase Home Health Care Pay and Benefits / Blog Spot: Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims

March 2012 – Four Steps to Reduce Turnover / Use Mentoring to Unlock Employee Potential / Effective Meeting Strategies / Leading Employees with Heart / ALFA Update / Blog Corner: The 2012 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures Report

February 2012 – Maximize Social Media Efforts for Your Community / Establish Functioning Teams In 5 Steps / Use Cross Training To Enhance Team Building / Relief For Office Workers