Consultant Resource Center

ALFsource develops targeted programs for assisted living communities to simplify their role as employers, reduce their risk, and preserve their cash.

We partner with a core team of consultants who are experts in assisted living, have strong contacts within the industry, and are actively seeking to increase their revenue base from their consulting activities to market our solutions to the assisted living industry. We use our joint expertise in the partnership to provide assisted living communities solutions that accomplish three goals:

  • Increase Value and Decrease Costs For The Client – By carving out revenue from our employee administration program for the consulting component, we provide a unique product not offered by other consultants.
  • Increase Revenue for Consultants – Our combined offering delivers a powerful value proposition for your existing clients and helps open doors to new clients.
  • Develop Value Added Distribution and Improved Client Conditions for ALFsource – We benefit by providing a unique set of solutions to our ALF clients delivered by assisted living professionals that add value beyond those of our competitors.

For more information or to become an ALFsource Consultant, please contact Katie Robinson at