Sales Partner Resource Center

ALFsource provides employee administration and operational compliance programs that create customized partnerships with Assisted Living Facilities. We partner with a selected network of sales partners who have a proven track record in the PEO industry, work independently and provide value to prospective clients, are committed to growing their business, and who are willing to build a niche in assisted living and working through existing senior care marketing channels.  We use our joint expertise in the partnership to provide assisted living communities solutions that accomplish three goals:

  • Win For The Client –  Increased Value and Improved Outcomes
    We combine targeted employee administration with operational compliance programs for a comparable price that most ALFs pay for a general outsourcing solution. Our extensive ALF experience allows us to make definitive improvements in HR and compliance outcomes.
  • Win For The Sales Partner –  Increased Revenue From A Unique Offering
    The ALFsource program is the first back office solution targeted to Assisted Living. Our combined offering delivers a powerful value proposition for your existing clients and helps open doors to new clients. We help you leverage this by supporting educational based marketing efforts to our target prospects.
  • Win For ALFsource – Improved Distribution and Client Retention
    We benefit by leveraging the natural marketing networks that exist within senior living. Once we develop client relationships, we maintain superior retention by adding value beyond the capabilities of our competitors.

For more information or to become an ALFsource Sales Partner, please contact Darrell Blanchard at