Recruiting and Onboarding

Successful employment relationships begin with recruiting and on boarding and we use the recruiting process to:

  • Promote the community as a quality place of employment.
  • Determine whether a candidate has the skills and values required to be successful in assisted living. We handle the entire process from establishing the recruiting parameters to screening and interviewing candidates to hiring and orienting.

 ALFsource clients work directly with an Account Manager who is:

  • Trained as an ALF Administrator
  • Charged with recruiting, training and administering staff
  • Tasked to function as an ALF-HR resource for community management

Each account manager has a strong working knowledge of assisted living, coordinates all aspects of the relationship, and acts as an employee equivalent to reduce the need for administrative staff.  The account manager works within each community to deliver great people, ensure they are hired and employed professionally, and report back to management on the trends they observe.